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Panel Upgrades and Replacement

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your Trusted Electrical Panel Upgrade Experts in Matthews, NC

When it comes to electrical panel upgrade services, our staff is second to none. Sky Electric is pleased to have provided countless homeowners in Matthews, NC with superior service and dependable electrical solutions. On each assignment, we pay special attention to the smallest of details and guarantee that everything is completed properly.

An electrical panel upgrade is when a combination of panel wiring, breakers, or fuses is replaced. This replacement results in increased energy management efficiency for your home. Old panels may not be able to manage the power needs of contemporary appliances and gadgets, causing power outages, circuit overloads, and fire dangers. Upgrading to a new panel may also boost electrical system efficiency and incorporate safety features like ground fault prevention.

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Do You Need a Panel Upgrade for Your Property?

By seeking our services, you may avoid the potentially dangerous scenario caused by old electrical panels, which might result in an electrical fire.

Get Excellent Electrical Services

Recognize the Signs

At Sky Electric, we provide electrical panel replacement and installation services to homes and businesses in Matthews, NC. Our team specializes in electrical panel upgrades and can fix any electrical issues you might have.

If you notice that your lights are flickering or some of your appliances are not working properly, it could be an indication that your home’s electrical system needs to be checked. If you have a history of power outages or one particular area of your home is always the first to experience problems, then the problem may lie with your electrical panel. An outdated electrical panel will not only leave you with a safety hazard but may also increase your monthly electric bills.

At Sky Electric, we can upgrade your outdated electrical panels so that you can enjoy all the benefits of modern technology without compromising on safety and comfort. We will work with you throughout the circuit breaker replacement process to ensure that we are meeting all of your requirements while sticking to the budget you have set aside for this project.